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Latex Surgical Gloves
Latex surgical gloves act as a barrier of protection to stop any potential disease transmission between medical personnel and patients during surgical procedures. These products protect the hands and wrists effectively from a variety of chemicals, such as alcohols, detergents, biohazards including bacteria and viruses, physiological fluids, and more. 
Elbow Length Gloves
Elbow length gloves are used in 25% of vaginal deliveries and 35% of caesarean sections, doctors come into close contact with blood and mucosal membranes. These also shield medical professionals against serious blood and amniotic fluid contamination. 
Urology Products
Urology products allow you to move freely the entire day. Urine that drains from your catheter is stored in these products. These are concealable beneath your clothing and enables you to go about your everyday business. 

Disposable Delivery Kit
Disposable delivery kits help keep the operating area clean and the surgical sites free of contamination. These are worn while doing surgery is advised and, in fact, required at the majority of hospitals. Disposable delivery kits prevent the spread of fluid and bacteria during surgery. 
Respiratory Products
Respiratory products are ideal for the transmission of breathing oxygen from a storage tank to the lungs. These cover only the mouth and nose or the entire face may be covered. The said products could be constructed of silicone, rubber, or plastic. 

Hospital Supplies
Hospital supplies are designed for determining if someone has the human immunodeficiency virus. The test is frequently run on a sample of blood or saliva. These are created by our pros using fabric of the highest quality.
Disposable Wears
Disposable wears are used to stop bacteria from staff members' hair or scalps from contaminating the surgery site. These must completely enclose the head, including the hair, to fulfil this function. Disposable wears are also beard covers that are constructed of polypropylene. 
HIV kits are completely secure and safe to use. These are easy to utilize and are readily available in 2040 minutes. The test stick in the HIV kits is used to swab your upper and lower gums and take an oral fluid sample.

Surgical Gloves
Surgical gloves prevent the spread of infection or illness during medical operations and examinations. These are worn by the wearer and/or the patient. Our offerings are used by medical personnel in hospitals for shielding from the possibility of contracting microorganisms. 

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